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Dear Golden Silencer purchasers:

Thank you so much for the support you have given us.  You have helped grow the awareness and use of our Golden Silencer anti-snoring device within Canada. We trust you have enjoyed using the product.

We are pleased that the success of the product has enabled us to license our technology to a world leader in sleep and breathing. We have been working with them to develop a next generation product.

At this time we will be retiring the Golden Silencer product line.  The current market plan for the new device does not initially include direct to consumer sales. Please click here to sign up for the product information release notice to ensure that you may be contacted as the new product becomes available.  In addition we will provide you information about our Silencer Custom II product that can be made available through your family dentist.  This product is similar to the Golden Silencer. 

Thank you again for being such a loyal customer.

Best Regards,
Silencer Products International Ltd.

Don Halstrom





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